O….m…..g….I never start out a blog like that but today is an extremely big day. I have a big meeting with a corporation that would like to use my bracelet for the staff in their company. I am on my way to the meeting, trying to remain as calm as possible. All I keep thinking about is how I could change this business and really change peoples lives. This my life, this is what I do. I travel and help people and I will eventually travel the world and change it too.

I Have Arrived

I am finally here at the Air Purifier headquarters and I am ready to kill this meeting and get the test bracelet out. I head up to the top floor suite where the CEO is and I introduce myself and he is ready to get started. I mean really ready to get started. So we go through the regular routine of me asking what he is looking for and why he feels my bracelet can help him.

So he told me that of course it can be a headache sometimes running an entire business. His company makes and distributes HEPA air purifiers for allergy sufferers and he needs something to really balance him out so he can always be 100% because when you are running a business, there is no half ass doing it. You have to go all the way with it.

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So today is the day. I have not traveled in awhile and now I am heading out to go to Texas and talk to the owner of a corporation about my bracelet. This felt just like when I had my first overseas deal. I felt on top of the world just like I do now. I have a little time to say goodbye to my mom and get ready to head out of the door.

Getting Ready For Texas

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Over the past couple of days I have been flooded with emails. There are so many i’m not sure where I should go first. So to stop myself from getting overwhelmed I took a small break away from the computer, just to go downstairs and see a brand new computer in the mail. Everything is happening so fast and I am so excited that I started my own business, even as scared as I was. It was totally worth it.

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From reading my previous blog you know that my very 1st client just sent me $1,000 for the bracelet I never planned to get paid from…..at least not now. After all of that something else crazy happened. So a few days afterwards I was feeling amazing with a fully loaded Paypal account and ready to go through more emails and serve more people.

I received a call from my newest client in colorado and he was telling me how amazing he feels. The first thing he said is I will pay you if you can send me one of these bracelets for my whole staff. Then he said I know you were having problems with your computer the other night, please allow me to replace it with a brand new one, what kind do you want? I thought to myself “no way this is happening right now” I said I would really like a macbook pro or air for my work. He told me he would order it and ship it to me 1st class. Ohh man, I was excited. The money I was going to spend on the computer I didn’t have to and i received $500 extra for sending bracelets to the whole staff.

I told him I would give him a shout out on the blog so, thank you so much Andrew from altitude.com for being an awesome person.

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So since I had just sent off my last bracelet, I was feeling good and work mode. I am in need of a new computer…bad! But that will not stop me from getting work done. I am happy to be back home, it gives me time to evaluate things a little better than being on the road.

I have been going through all the emails trying to set up meetings as fast as possible so I can make sure everyone gets a bracelet. I do not really have any expenses as of right now except for shipping packages, which is good. I know as business continues fees will rise.

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Hey, in the last blog I told you about how I have been getting loads of emails and request for the bracelet. So today I am going to be going through and assessing the most critical request and responding to them accordingly. I took about an hour to go through all of the emails and i have found my next client.

It is a computer tech support company in louisville Colorado. These guys really need my help, since I am not yet getting paid for the results of my bracelet I am on a really tight budget so I may not be able to travel to Colorado. Its pretty far from Baltimore. So what I will do is do what I did with my last client and prepare a Skype call with the owner and talk about his plans.

Skype Meeting

After getting everything together i went ahead and planned a Skype call for that client. He was able to get in the same evening which was awesome, so I can get him evaluated and get the bracelet ready to ship. Once our Skype call started it was going really good but while on screen share my computer would slow down and get stuck. Of course I had my bracelet on so i was able to remain calm and collected throughout the difficult Skype call.

I did the usual and asked about goals and things that he wanted to accomplish in his business and he wants to have the biggest and most successful computer IT company in Colorado. He has a problem dealing with stress and keeping things in order. He needs something to help him do this and while he was searching through the internet he came across my blog and decided to give it a try.

So after we finished up our convo he was super excited to get started and so was I.

Sending Off Yet Another Bracelet

I was already excited so I went to pack up his log in sheet which usually takes me about 30 min. I have a mailbox right down the street from my house which is cool, because that means I can get it packed and shipped the same night.

After that I had felt extremely accomplished. This is probably the quickest I have had a meeting and sent off a bracelet.

Today was a good day!

Hey, so its been a couple of days since I have written on the blog. I have taken these couple of days to really try to evaluate whats been going on, and I have come to realize that…this is big for me. My bracelet is now going global now, with almost no advertisement at all, I didn’t even get a chance to fully promote it like I wanted before people in other countries were contacting me about it.

So far I have been getting amazing reviews from everyone about my bracelet. They are seeing so many improvements in their life and business. I am truly astonished that I had something to do with that. It’s the thing that keeps me going. Theres a problem though. I am running a business on an outdated computer. I have a 2010 macbook (White). Its time for me to upgrade to a macbook pro because that will be able to handle my workload.

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So before I told you about how I was contacted from someone else that was not even in the same country as me and how nervous and scared I was because I did not want to look bad in front of Wasi because this could seriously mean the global start to the Energy-Balance-Bracelet. So after I had put on my bracelet I started to think of answers and stop coming up with excuses and I came up with the brilliant idea of Skype video messaging and them Mailing off the bracelet.

The Meeting

I am getting ready to have my meeting with Wasi so I go ahead and start getting all of my notes together just like I usually do. I am going to treat this as if I was face to face because a project is no less important whether face to face or over Skype.

So around 6:30pm I get the call on Skype from Wasi. I was super excited and so was she. She told me that she feels like this bracelet would best suit her because of the industry that she’s in. She owns a Child Day Care in Streatham Common London called Tiny Tots Nursery, so she is dealing with children on a daily basis and she wants to always remain calm because sometimes it can get a little stressful.

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So some days ago I had the best feeling i have had since I have started trying to promote my bracelet. I really felt a sense of accomplishment. Like I had really did something good. I can’t believe someone from another country even knew about my bracelet from a simple little blog. So after a long night of well needed rest and just being back home in my own bed, I wake up and check my email and I see an unfamiliar name in my email.

The email went further to explain that this person is a friend of Williams and he had recommended by bracelet because it made him feel totally different instantly. I have not even talked to William in the past few days but he was so excited he went and actually told someone else about it.

William and his friend are not even in the same place. William is in Australia and his friend is in the United Kingdom. WOW! Referrals can go a long way.

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Oh, man. So today is the day that Gary comes into town to meet with me about the energy-balance-bracelet. This meeting is extra special because he will be my first overseas client and that is huge because that means the bracelet could go global a lot sooner than I thought it would. I never thought my bracelet would be sold all around the world.

So my iPhone starts ringing and it happens to be Gary calling me letting me know that he is at BWI Airport and is excited and ready to meet me. Him and I made arrangements to meet down the Inner Harbor, which is in downtown Baltimore.

Heading To The Meeting

So im in an Uber on my way downtown and a million thoughts are just running through my mind. Do i look good enough? Is my hair okay? I hope i’m professional enough. Of course I know all of these things are okay but i’m trying to find anything that could be wrong, not intentionally of course. Then a thought came to me…..why am I not wearing my own bracelet!? I got so caught up in business, i forgot to wear my own bracelet? Im a huge believer in practicing in what you preach. Why would I not wear my own bracelet if I’m telling others to wear it. Maybe thats why I look like I just ran 5 miles down the street. I bet if I would have put my bracelet on I would have been a lot better off than I am now and this just gives me more reassurance that what I have works and will help people…..so at that point in time I calmed down and felt much better.

Gary Was Everything But Common

So I finally reached downtown and walked into barnes and nobles and walked up to the second floor and seen a man looking around for someone so I figured he was looking for me, hahaha. So i walked over and introduced myself and we grabbed a seat and started to talk. He started telling me about his business and I found out that Gary owns a restaurant in Australia called The Common and he showed me some pictures and ohhh man, it looks like the best Fine Dining Restaurant In Eltham VIC, here is a picture of his beautiful resturant.

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