Over the past 2 weeks Kyle and I have been working on our new site for the Energy-Balance-Bracelet and things are coming along a lot better than I ever expected. This week we are coming out with the new and improved bracelets. These bracelets will actually have trackers in them, to post updates on the website about everyones individual mood and see what progress they are making.

Not only will it be a busy week because of the release of the new bracelets but we also have to send out new bracelets to all of our older clients. We are hoping everything goes smooth and within 2 weeks time max, everyone can have their new bracelets. New and older clients.

A Major Concern

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Everything has really been working out for the best. Kyle is getting the new platform up and ready and calls as well as emails are constantly flowing in from new people who want to try the Energy-Balance-Bracelet. I have sent out about 30 bracelets in the past week, which has been amazing and has totally exceeded my expectations.

Right now my focus is on getting the new online community ready for all of our users and so they can login and be able to see their mood. Kyle and I thought this would be good so they can actually see their progress. Of course they feel it but we want people to actually see how well they are progressing. We believe it will encourage them even more. We want to start giving our bracelet to athletic people too because that who it was originally intended for.

We are trying to think of different ways to get the bracelet on a famous athletic superstar or maybe even sponsoring someone. If we could get just one athlete to agree to wear the bracelet it could be our big break.

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So Kyle and I have been super busy lately, I am answering calls and emails and Kyle has been building our new membership website, which looks amazing by the way. It has been a hectic week but a very successful one. We are working with a really cool client. Her name is Lisa and she owns a cell phone repair company in Texas.

She feels like she could use the bracelet to further better her business and to bring in more revenue so she can eventually expand her business. This client was a little different she threw in an incentive. She wanted Kyle and I to do SEO for her. I don’t offer that service but Kyle is an expert at SEO, so we thought it would be kind of cool to take on the challenge and Lisa offered us 2 brand new Iphone 6’s for our services, plus monthly payment so that was awesome!

So then her and Kyle had a meeting and she explained to him that she wanted people that were looking for iPhone phone repair shop nearby spring texas to see her web prescence. Her website is already put together pretty well and now she just needs some rankings.

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I have went through a lot of work but I have finally chose my assistant and he has done amazing his 1st day. I think one of the reasons he did so well is because I did not pressure him. I looked at him as a partner more than an employee and thats why the connection is so cool between us.

Having Kyle (Assistant) take care of all of the regular stuff it was able to free up so much of my time and I was able to get a start on the membership site for the Energy-Balance-Bracelet. I went ahead and purchased a domain and then got it all set up with hosting, afterwards I started to design the front of my website and make it where you would have to log in.

That means for the people that already have a bracelet I would have to make them an account and give them their username and password.

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My time has been taken up completely by the business and I am very happy for that. I am helping out others and truly making a difference but on the other hand I would like to be able to expand the business in other areas.

Like for example, I would like to create an online Platform for the Energy-Balance-Bracelet, where users can login and see their “mood” stats for the day and actually see how their mood is changing and can see what mood they are in at that moment. Members of the platform will be able to interact with each other through forums and will be able to encourage each other, and maybe even share some business tips.

This will be the next step for the Energy-Balance-Bracelet. I know this is an awesome plan but I have literally no time to do anything but answer emails, make calls and send out bracelets.

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I have been on the verge of getting my own apartment…that time has finally come! I have my own place in the downtown baltimore area. I decided to rent a 1 bedroom condo since its only me, but I am super happy because I would have never thought my first place would be this awesome. I did not picture myself having this type of place until I was at least 35 but life has took a turn for the best in my favor.

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Today is the day that I have my meeting with Dave and I am pretty excited about it. I don’t think I mentioned before but dave owns a Scuba Diving Center in California. I thought that was really cool because scuba divining was something I have always wanted to do. Once we talked he sent me a link to his website and that point I did not know what dave did because he did not even mention it in his email but when I checked his website I seen Scuba Diving Catalina California and I thought ohhh thats so cool.

One of my milestones is to get to California, I haven’t done it yet but I know I will soon. Dave and I talked on the phone for  about 2 hours and he was curious about my bracelet because he wanted to see how my bracelet would effect the energy with the fish and also would it calm people down while going diving. I thought this was super interesting and could open up new doors. Will my bracelet be able to help animals too? This will be a very interesting case study that I will be following very closely.

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This week has been crazy. Loads of emails AND I’m in the process of looking for my new apartment. Luckily I’m making enough money to afford something pretty decent. I don’t really need anything much right now, just a quiet and comfortable place to do work. After working for awhile I will then move up to something better but for now I am not worried about all of that.

Since everything is starting to get all confusing between me serving clients and then looking for a place, I will just set aside 5 days to do nothing but search for places where I could afford to move but for now its time to get back to work and find my next project.

Looking through my emails I see a couple of interesting clients that may need some help very soon but there is one that stands out to me right now and his name is Dave so I think I may give him a call and see if I can help him.

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Hey! It’s an exciting week for me. In my last blog I talked about me finally searching for an apartment this week. A pretty good site to go to is apartments.com, they have pretty good listing options on there and have a good criteria you could search by.

I will start looking for my new place after I get through some serious emails because I have gotten a ton while I was in Texas. I will get ready to look through those and determine who my next project will be.

Florida Keeps Calling My Name

So now it’s back to work looking sifting and sorting through emails to see who needs my help right now. After about 30 minutes of assessing the emails, based on severity, I have found my next project. His name is Michael and he owns one of the top nearby house inspector services bradenton FL has ever seen. I can tell from his reviews he does a good job.

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