I had gotten in a small nap, and had my notes all ready and prepared and ready to go. So now i am finally on my way to meet William for our meeting.

About 30 minutes later, I found myself at this huge office in beautiful sunny Florida waiting to see William. I never thought that a client would be so happy to see me, it was like he had seen a long lost brother! He immediately started telling me how he had found me by my blog and that he has been looking for something like I have. Something that could help him improve his business but he said the fact that  I had something that could help him improve his health too was twice the benefit.

So we go into his office and I take my notes that I had made from the night before and start reading them off and asking him questions. He was very straight forward and thorough with every question and was very eager to get things started

About William

So William runs his own business out of Florida called Cobalt Kitchen and Bath, and what he basically does is remodel kitchen and bathrooms. So the cost per job is pretty decent but the business is also a very stressful business to handle. A lot of work involved and a lot of overhead, so he needs some help managing stress and calming down. So after we talked for a bit I went ahead and gave him the bracelet and told him to fill out the sheet (same one I had made for Amit) explaining how he felt and how he was able to better handle business and if he received more customers and sales. We had a good talk and I told him I would be around for a bit so please stay in touch with me.

About 2 hours after I had left I overheard a conversation in the hotel. These 2 women were talking and one of them was talking about how she needed her kitchen remodeled and I heard her say I wish I could find a naples kitchen remodeling service near me , I instantly thought…..wait a minute! I know a kitchen remodeling service near you, so I stopped her and gave her Williams number…and she looked at me like I was insane lol, and thanked me. I felt pretty good about that. I knew William would be pretty happy about that…he might have even thought it was the bracelet!

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This morning after I woke up and checked out of the hotel, I went into Amit’s office and talked to him about what the next steps are and how to fill out the sheet that I told you guys about in my last post. He was very excited about documenting his results, and I told him I was on the move and I would be back to collect his results within a few weeks.

After that I had to hurry to O’Hare International Airport to catch my flight and get ready to head to Florida to go help out my next client.

About The Flight

I just made my flight and the plane ride was very relaxing and quiet. I had time to think about life. What it is all about and how we are suppose to make the most out of everyday that we are given. We all have a purpose. We are all suppose to use our skills to help other people that need us. So how am I doing that with my Energy-Balance-Bracelet?

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So, if you guys have been keeping up with the blogs you have seen the start of this blog, the stressing out and planing of me getting clients, and traveling to go and help my first client. So right now I am currently in Chi-Town documenting the success of Amit with my Energy-Balance Bracelet and day one was a total success. Now we are waiting for the day 2 results.

Ive been enjoying myself in the city, seeing sights, visiting stores Ive always wanted to go to and even getting to see a cubs game. Great fun. So i got back to the hotel and i’m laying on the bed watching some catfish…then all of a sudden I get a notification on my phone and its an email from an unknown email and when I opened it, it said that another business owner is need of my services and he lives in Florida! I could not believe my eyes. The first thing I thought is, whoaa, what am I going to do, I cant get to florida i’m in Chicago doing my first case study! Nothing was set in stone yet, so I just took a minute to relax and gather my thoughts.

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Okay, so in my last post I was talking about why I would be targeting business owners and why it would be profitable and could help grow the Energy-Balance-Bracelet brand faster ,but in the past 24 hours I have received the most exciting news since the release of the bracelet. This could potentially be a total game changer for the Energy-Balance-Bracelet, so by now I guess your wondering…..


What Is The Big News?!

So after I had finished my blog post yesterday, I happened to get a call from a local business owner out in Chicago who happens to own a surgery center for varicose veins and spider veins, and he has heard about my bracelet and wants to be the first one to try it!

This is freakin’ huge! I am sure he knows a lot of people that he could possibly refer to this bracelet. I am 100% sure he knows other surgeons, and if my bracelet gets to enough surgeons…that could mean huge profits! I would have never guessed that my 1st case study would be a surgeon in Chicago, I didn’t think it would be a surgeon anywhere for that matter.

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So I just finished up my meeting about an hour ago….and it went awesome!!! Amit loved what I had going on and is honored to be my first cast study. He is hoping to increase sales for his business and he thinks that an increase in his attitude will make him a better surgeon overall.

What I Did To Start The Case Study

So we after we talked about the goals for his business and assessed his plans. I then got all of his documentation ready and he received a bracelet. I was amazed because not even 5 minutes after he put it on he said he felt a change in his attitude and awareness. he felt like he was able to focus and concentrate more, better than ever before. He also said he couldn’t wait to try it during his next surgery! so things are looking fantastic.

Amit hopes by using this new Energy-Balance-Bracelet he can get more visitors to his Chicago Illinois vein clinic website, www.veinswithoutsurgery.com by coming up with a totally new marketing plan for his site and also targeting people in the Chicago area looking for vein surgery.

This bracelet will bring clarity to him about the new things he needs for his business and any new marketing strategies he needs. Which will ultimately give him more visitors to his site which then results in more clients and sales.

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So I mentioned in a previous article that i wanted to target the Energy-Balance-Bracelet towards people who work out or business owners. I am going to start with business owners because there could be potentially a lot more profits involved which will be able to help me fund to improve a lot of aspects about The Energy-Balance-Bracelet and to open up a distribution center so I can be able to give more bracelets out.


What Niches I May Go After

For my Energy Bracelet case study I may go after business that require more work and that are more tedious, just to see if the bracelet can keep them leveled throughout the day. My goal is to be able to let this bracelet suffice for energy drinks and any other “energy booster” that is used throughout the day. This bracelet will be able to give you the energy you need to be able to get through the day without crashing. Unlike energy drink where it gives you a boost of energy, then you crash.

I want to go after a person that actually owns their business because there is more risk involved than a person that works for a company or corporation. There will likely be more stress and pressure. I want to give the owner the bracelet and actually compare how their attitude was before and after using The Energy-Balance-Bracelet. I would also like to document if their sales has increased or decreased. This could be a total game changer because if it is proven that The Energy-Balance-Bracelet increases sales this could mean the sales on this product will jump sky high, because who dosent want more sales?

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Hey! My name is Lewis and Im from Baltimore, Maryland. I have been studying health and fitness since I was 14 (i’m 23 now) and I have been wondering and studying about the human body and what I could do to help it improve. I have come up with an amazing product that will not only help with the physical body, but the mind as well.


This is going to change the world!

So after thinking long and hard about what I could do and running test I have finally come up with a solution to living a happier and healthier life. Everyone wants to be healthier and prosperous (even if they don’t know it) and I have a solution that can take care of both.

Success does not start with money, it starts with your mind. If you have the right mindset you WILL become successful. Sometimes people try to have a good mindset and good thoughts but it just does not happen. I can change that.

Having a positive attitude can change the quality of life and your business thats why I will be testing out my new product on business owners first.

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So in this article we’re going to be talking about what Energy-Balance-Bracelets are and who exactly are they for.

I made Energy-Balance-Bracelets with the idea in mind of keeping people healthy and feeling good. Not only does these bracelets help you feel good physically and help you drop and maintain weight loss but they also help mentally as well.

This one-of-a-kind bracelet fixes and chemical imbalances in the brain which is known to cause:

  • Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • ADD
  • ADHD

The Energy-Balance-Bracelet effectively cures these imbalances and helps you to feel better mentally which is one of the important components to success and having an amazing social life. So because of that theory I decided that I was first going to be distributing these energy bracelets to business owners, to see if it helped with them being able to finish work fast and effectively, not crashing in the middle of the day because of energy drinks.

Also I wanted to see if these bracelets could potentially drive in more sales for local business owners. How? We want to test how these bracelets increase attitude and posture which can potentially increase sales.

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